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"Our family saw Sister Elisabeth tonight. Fantastic movie, what a great story. Well done!!”


Suzi, Ontario, Canada

“ We both loved the film. It is beautifully done. Congratulations! What a Story!”

 Vicktoria, Rome

 “Please bring “Sister Elisabeth” and her story to Africa.”

 Temi, Ghana



"Sister Elisabeth: The Strength of Faith" is the inspiring story of Sister Elisabeth Manhertz, a devout and determined nun who built one of the largest and most respected senior care organization in Canada, the Saint Elisabeth Home Society of Hamilton, Ontario. 

It is the story of an indomitable woman, from humble roots in Hungary, who overcame countless adversities to build an immense charitable organization which provided homes and support for thousands who needed help and care. 

This feature length documentary film begins in a small village north of Budapest at the close of World War One. It chronicles Elisabeth's early efforts as a teen aged girl to break with society's traditional plans for her and to adopt a life of faith within a convent. 

The film follows her through her time as a novice as she helped her Order overcome the privations and brutality of the German Nazis during World War Two and the anti-religious fervor of the post war Soviet Communists. 

It tracks her miraculous escape from Communist Hungary and her move to Canada as part of a desperate quest to help preserve her Order in a new and foreign country. 

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